What do you imagine your child’s Bar Mitzvah would be like?
Do you want this significant event to be
as beautiful and joyful as possible?

Your child deserves to celebrate his Bar Mitzvah at the Western Wall!
The Western Wall is the holiest place of the Jewish people since the Temple’s destruction. The place generations of Jews from all over the world yearn to, and to which they set their eyes and their hearts. Western Wall in Jerusalem brings us together as a people and binds us one to another.

You’re in good hands!

Because Bar Mitzvah at the Western Wall in Jerusalem is our specialty.

We will help you through the day and will make sure that it will be the joyous, exciting and prestigious event that it deserves to be.

We will take care of all aspects of the event; from making sure the to fill the event with true meaning, down to the taking care of all the smallest details.

We will do everything necessary to make you relax and enjoy the event, and ensure perfect experience!

Who are we?

The services are provided by R. Pinchas Margulis,

Rabbi ordained by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel


In over 10 years of experience in conducting Bar Mitzvah ceremonies at the Western Wall, R.Pinchas Margulis has conducted far over 2000 exciting bar mitzvahs.

In addition, R. Pinchas Margulis is a certified guide who knows various sites of the Western Wall and the Old City of Jerusalem, and is fluent in English, Hebrew and Russian.

All this enables him to provide a much wider experience, fitted to the specific needs and wishes of each event


Every event is special for me an opportunity to share some of the most exciting moments with the family,  just before the child spreads his wings and conquers the peaks of life.

A father’s embrace, with a tear in the corner of his eye. A mother’s caress and tears.

A boy’s prayer in front of the gates of heaven.

Over the years, these little things have kept me going on and on, fulfilling the special mission that God has given me.

What do we offer?
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Valentina Agudo Matthies

On July 16 2018 Rabbi Margulis performed the most spectacular Bar Mizvah for my son Ricardo. It was very heartfelt and moving and such a special part of our Bar Mizvah journey wich after many paths finally brought us home to Israel.

Aviad Gizbar

פנחס מארגן את הבר מצווה מ-א' ועד ת' והכל ברוגע ובנעימות.
אתה מגיע לאירוע כמו מלך!!! בלי שום חשש פשוט להינות
מומלץ בחום!!

Tanya Podvina

היום חגגנו בר מצווה לבן הבכור שלנו. אני רוצה להגיד לפיחנס תודה ענקית על כל הארגון, על היחס האישי, ועל הדאגה לפרטים הכי קטנים. אנחנו הגענו לפנחס דרך חברים ברגע אחרון. בזמן קצר מאוד הוא תכנן עבורינו את כל האירוע עד לפרט האחרון. הכל עבר בדיוק כפי שחשבנו ואפילו טוב יותר.

דודי בר יוסף‎

ב2 מילים פנחס מעולה! מומלץ.

Western Wall plaza, Old City Jerusalem
(+972) 584400045
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